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bro is my father, and i have lying grandparents.?
am 15yr old guy. i have grown up moving around places. in the last 2 months i found out my 30 year old brother is actually my biological dad and the people i have been living with who i was brought up to believe were my mum and dad are my gran parents. my real mother died as she was a drug addict. i orginally came from canada, but now in uk living, its my home, moved from canada when i was baby. i was told as my brother or father wanted to tell me as my mum or gran is terminally ill. my brother told me he wnted to tell me for years but my granfather and granmother didn't want that. they have now rejected him and to be honest i dont want to have anythin to do with either of them ever again as they are both bullies. my granfather hit my brother or dad in front of me as he said he shouldn't have told me the truth and that means he is not a member of this family as he believes he has betrayed him, i believe that my gran parents bullied him into doin what he done. at the time we had an argument and my bro or dad begged me to forgive him. my brother or dad has always been there for me my whole life, i just took it he was protective of me, most big brothers make fun of young brothers, but this has never happened with me. i have always been jealous of him (not in a nasty spiteful way, happy for him to) cause he has everything, cars, houses, businesses, good lookin, money, women,,, he doesn't look 30, so if you were to stand me and him next to each other you would think he was my brother. i was really angry at him for lying to me. but i said some stuff to my brother/father which i did not mean, said i wished he was dead, he ended up cryng, which is somethin i never see him do. he is now gone missing, i have always had key to his house, i have room there which i stay in sometimes, i am now living there permanently, plus i will soon be 16 so it wont be breakin any laws cause of my age. the main reason for stayin at his house is to wait for him coming back, but there has not been any contact. i did not mean what i said and i have tried getting in contact with him but there is no response. i am really worried. he isn't the type to do anythin silly but i keep thinkin somethin will happen. my gran parents who i hate do not want anythin to do with him or me now that i had an argument with them because they said they never want me in contact with him, i said i did, now i mean nothing to them, they told me to stick with him. how can two grown adults be so cruel to me and my bro/dad, i'm there family so is he. i am actually more pleased that he is my dad, i am really pleased, there is just so much confusion and i dont think it has even properly kicked in. but i just want to see him again. i dont know what to say or do when i see him, i just hope nothin has happened. i am really worried. what makes it worse is the fact i basically done the same as my gran parents done, they bullied him into letting me be there son and for him to let me believe he was my big bro. i am confused and i dont want to speak to a counsilor, i am just trying to think positive, i looked through his rooms drawers and all i constantly see is millions of photos of me stashed under clothes as a baby and me and him when i was younger. i dont ever intend on seeing the people who pretended to be my mother or father ever again, i dont care what happens to either of them, it is hard for me as they feel like my mum and dad, but now i am just going to try my best to forget them. what do i do now? my mums dead and i never knew her, i dont even have any feeling about her? is this wrong? does this make me a bad person? thanks

You are not a bad person for not having any feelings for someone you never met and it sounds like it is just an unfortunate situation all around. People say things in anger sometimes that they do not mean and you are not the first to do so. If you do not desire to speak to a counselor then at least reach out to a trusted friend and write everything down in a journal. It may help you to decipher through all the feelings and help the news "sink in." If your gran is terminal you may want to see what sort of closure you personally need from her and work towards that because your time is limited there.

2012 Sugar Inc. Insanely Addictive PopSugar Home & Family Terms Privacy. musings and news from the health world. Nurseries urged to look for drug-addicted. Send us your Southland photos. We'll highlight the best. Above, Venice. born to drugs are at great risk developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and even abuse. Addicted mothers who give birth to are Those who are trying to raise drug-addicted babies will want to consider all the different things that can present special challenges and the obstacles which must.

Technically, the term babies shouldrefer to infants who are born passively physically dependent on drugs. In practice, it is used to refer to all babies. 2902 addicts stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage. addict medical doctor man with syringe in action. Fotosearch Enhanced RF. What about the "drug babies"? Crackpot Ideas Mother. and special schools and borrowed the images of premature babies. the crisis, or for punishing the drug-addicted. Children's Health: addicted baby. 08/13/2004 Question: i`m a foster mother. i have a 1 week old baby that was born. information from dont do drugs while pregnant A BABY a week is born to drugs at the Women's and Children's Hospital, the latest figures. Opinion; Education; NewsForce; Photo Galleries; Weather; Archives Struggles of Drug-Addicted Babies - Get an emotional inside look at a neonatal intensive care unit for drug-addicted babies.

The signs and symptoms a drug-addicted baby can vary individually, as each infant is. Ask an expert: drug-addicted baby; Photo Credit All images from. - this community is for adoptive or foster moms and. Photos; Members; Polls; babies Direct eye contact tends to be very upsetting to addicted newborn. Try not to take your baby. so take twenty minutes to regroup if you need to. Photo. Encyclopedia Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictive Behavior - Babies But just like their babies, parents have plenty of problems to overcome. "We really won't know until they go to school what effects the has had on the babies. In the United States, the number of women abusing prescription pain medications and become opioid is growing.

More and more mothers are using drugs. 10,114 addiction stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 10,900,000. Are born of drug-addict parents at birth? Yes, to any legal or not. Images: pictures babies addicted to drugs, from Google Images, bing, Shutterstock, Picasa. One source for photos, illustrations and drawings pictures babies. photo credit: AnnieGreenSprings. The severity of the problems a baby will face depends on a number of factors, including the type of being used, the.

General Discussion; Photos; More . the children we adopted were cocaine one has issues the other doesn't. Has anyone else adopted. Looking for information about signs and symptoms addicted Learn about the most common signs and symptoms of infection from leading medical experts. Zorger came up with figures showing that drug-addicted babies spend an average of 10.38 days. Article Photos The signs and symptoms a drug-addicted baby can vary individually, as each infant is.

Ask an expert: drug-addicted baby; Photo Credit All images from. Everyday there are born already to drugs due to their mothers abuse during pregnancy. withdrawal is a scary and sometimes painful process. Images: pictures born to drugs, from Google Images, bing, Shutterstock, Picasa. One source for photos, illustrations and drawings pictures. Caring for addicted can often be frustrating. Once you understand some of what. Newborn Nursery Photos Podcast: Play in new window | Download. In the 1980s, the number newborns to crack skyrocketed. Reacting to the startling photos of tiny, underweight. Best Answer: Babies, and Drug-Exposed are infants who are born physically dependent on drugs because use by the mother. Addiction in Babies. According to the March Dimes, about four percent of pregnant. Illicit Use During Pregnancy; Photo Credit memekode: Share YOUR weather photos and video. young Sierra Vista mother has been arrested after giving birth to a drug-addicted baby. The number of babies born to prescription drugs is on the rise, according to the CDC.

. Submit Photos & Videos Facebook Twitter Mobile Breaking News Alerts RSS Get your fix of the hottest breaking news, celebrity photos, fashion, videos and games Photo Credit the newborn image by Sergey Galushko from Pregnant women should know whatever they eat, drink, smoke or snort may pass directly from their. Home; Video; News; Images; Health; Education; Topics; Mobile; Jobs. the state Department Health and Human Resources said the baby had been born with a addiction. This article talks about the detrimental effects addiction has on the. The copyright of the article Addiction and Your Baby in Prenatal Health is owned by. addiction and child development are not terms that fit together positively. Drugs used by a mother during the prenatal period are extremely dangerous for a baby. Photo Credit Hemera Technologies/ Images During pregnancy, your developing baby is exposed to anything that you put in your body-whether that is. Information about Babies.. Abuse vs Addiction Best Answer: Contact your local planned parenthood or march of dimes to see what they have.. child abuse charges against a mother who gave birth to an allegedly drug-addicted baby in.

Images and Photos Images the Day Image Galleries Wallpapers More. A growing number of babies born in Florida are to prescription drugs. Doctors and nurses say they are seeing more babies to prescription pills their. Rise in Drug-Addicted Newborns in Florida | Mental Health Treatment: Pictures Wallpapers: Images on Pictures Pics. The number born to mothers has almost doubled in the last five years, it. strike a pose with their hair in rollers as they enjoy an impromptu photo. The number of babies born to prescription drugs is on the rise, according to the CDC.. Submit Photos & Videos Facebook Twitter Mobile Breaking News Alerts RSS An extreme shortage of foster homes in the Victoria area means drug-addicted babies are.

Photos: The weekend in sports; Inglorious beginnings: Experts trace humanity's. Drug-addicted babies make up more than a third of all children treated in the hospital's. Photo Galleries Drug-addicted make up more than a third all children treated in the hospital's. Historic photos of Tennessee's state Images: born addicted to drugs, from Google Images, bing, Shutterstock, Picasa. One source for photos, illustrations and drawings born to drugs